The ever increasing to read pile

hello june sunflower

All bookworms have them whether it is on a bookshelf, pile next to the bed or hidden in the Kindle library – a to-read pile. This collection of books rarely decreases but increases easily. For every book read, two replace it because favourite authors bring out new ones, the charity shop has the bestseller you never got round to reading or a debut catches your eye in the library. With the advent of Kindle along with its daily deals, it is even worse. A click of a button and another one materializes without leaving your bed. With this is mind, this month’s theme is to read ‘Something you already own’. Forgotten books hidden amongst others or the next one in the queue we are busy reading them for next weeks Book Club Party on Friday 24th June.

Facebook Page

As well as our Duvet Dweller Book Club on Facebook where we regularly meet, we now have a Duvet Dweller Book Club Extra page to like, share and read for all bookworms whether they are members or not. We will give updates on the group, blog but will also use this space to share books by Spoonie authors.

Coming soon on this blog

Book reviews  by book club members and an opportunity to read about current or upcoming books of all genres from authors who live with chronic conditions in Meet the Author.

Watch this space!

Until then happy reading



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