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The Wednesday’s Sisters by Meg Waite Clayton

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Wednesday Sisters

The Wednesday’s Sisters by Meg Waite Clayton


Overall, I give it 3.75 out of 5; not quite the 4 simply because I wanted to give up on it for the first few chapters. I am beyond glad I did not.
It begins in the 1960’s, and is set mainly in California. Five women (Frankie, Linda, Brett, Ally and Kath) meet, while taking their kids to the park. It was their love of reading, and wondering why Brett wore white gloves (which was not fashionable according to the book), which brought them together. One thing lead to another, and they began a writing group-initially meeting together on Wednesdays. Through celebrating each others triumphs, helping with hardships, and learning each others’ secrets-they become the best of friends.
I honestly wanted to stop reading up until about the 8th chapter; simply because I just couldn’t get into it. It is written from Frankie’s point of view; with most of it written as a remembrance going forward. However, there would be moments (without warning) where it would flip to more of a reminisce sort of rambling, of looking back (versus going forward). By chapter 10, the hook was sunk and I was caught up with wanting to read it.
I loved how each of the 5 women grow individually, and as friends. I loved how you see glimpses of their secrets, but can’t truly put your finger on it until the writer reveals it. Some of the secrets are more subtile than the other, but each secret gives the character(s) more depth.
I loved how each of the 5 women grow individually, and as friends. I loved how you see glimpses of their secrets, but can’t truly put your finger on it until the writer reveals it. Some of the secrets are more subtle than the other, but each secret gives the character(s) more depth.
Overall, it is well written (with the exclusion of the sudden reminisces), and a very quick read. There is a sequel to this (The Wednesday Daughters) which I do want to find and read.
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Have you read this book, what did you think?
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A year old!


I can’t believe our 1st birthday has been and gone last month, July. It doesn’t seem that long ago 3 of us shared our thoughts on how a cyber book club could work. Some ideas worked and remain in place, others were changed either by accident or design while some failed no matter how much we wanted them to succeed. Time zones, the need to sleep and spoon shortages were some hurdles  we couldn’t  change.

Happy birhday unsplash
Our first birthday!

We have read many books, some good and some not so,  and gained new members which means more book lovers to talk too, more books to discuss and more friends to be made. Thank you all who have joined in and made this idea a reality.

Watch this space this month for our members book reviews and our first Meet the Author post.

This month we are delving into the  genre of short stories or novellas with the theme “Short and Sweet”.These are perfect for brain fog days and can be overlooked. What would you read?

As the  year is galloping a head we are also brainstorming ideas for next year’s themes. What would you like to see?

Until next time happy reading.


Upcoming Themes and Book Club Party Dates

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Short and Sweet

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October  28th October

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Problem with being a Spoonie Bookworm #1 – Brain fog

Before my brain went wobbly I could easily read several novels a week and that was whilst  working. They ranged from page-turning bestsellers  to long complicated epics. As long as it had words in it, I would read it. Fast forward a few years of chronic illness and the accompanying medication, those days are gone. I may have more time on my hands but my consumption  of reading material has reduced significantly.The main reason is brain fog and fatigue.

When either or both descend reading any book which is  complicated, long with many characters or twists and turns is put to one side. I lose the thread of the stories as I fall asleep or wading through the treacle of my brain to  is too much of a battle.

Usually at this point, I fall back to well read favourites where I already know the convoluted plots   or easy to read, quick page-turning Chick lit. After reading several  of these in the bounce I was bored with the girl meets boy scenarios but wasn’t sure what else to read.

I was relieved when a fellow member of  Duvet Dwellers Book Club recommended Samantha Moon: Vampire for Hire series by J.R Rain. Once downloaded using the timely offer 30 days free Kindle Unlimited offer Amazon had sent me, I began to read.


The book follows Samantha  Moon – private investigator, mum and vampire. I wasn’t sure how it would all fit together but it works well and I was hooked. it is easy reading with a twist to keep you interested with crime chasing, family saga, paranormal and hint of romance. What more do you need? The characters have enough of a backstory to add depth to what could have come across as one-dimensional. Sam is likeable, quirky and no pushover even without her vampiric tendencies. You long to find out how the relationships  around her will develop as the consequences  of being a vampire hit home.

I read the first book Moon Dance in one duvet day. I not only enjoyed it but I felt a sense of achievement and a hint of the old me. I am now reading Vampire Moon  and enjoying even more. I am  wondering where the next  7 will take me.

It vaguely reminds me of the TV series Blood Ties I binge-watched while I was having chemo. The difference being in this, the PI was human fighting crime with the help of a vampire, the opposite to this book. It ahs the same feel and desire to read/watch just a little bit more.

Highly recommended  if you need something to satisfy the bookworm in you without bamboozling your mind on low energy days.

What do you read when you have brain fog?

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Celebrating the little things

A new month so it is time for a new theme. Not all books have to be epics and delights can be found in short stories, novellas and quick reads. It is time to choose something ‘Short and Sweet’- all genres and formats count. Maybe you can challenge yourself to see how many short stories you can read.


Do you have any recommendations?

Book club party will be held on 26th August 2016 9am GMT  wherever you are, but you can pop in whenever you are free.

Happy reading!

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