The Break by Marian Keyes: Book Review


I didn’t know how much I missed snuggling up with a Marian Keyes book until I received a copy of The Break from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. Her books are the perfect remedy for a book slump and her words, explorations into relationships and realistic, normal characters lure you into their world at the expense of reality. When I have access to her books, nothing else gets done. The duvet and a big mug of hot chocolate calls and it is useless feeling to fight.

I began reading her books with Lucy Sullivan is getting married and as I read The Break it seems I have aged at the same rate as her protagonists. Finding Mr Right, marriage, babies and now the emotions of middle age and teenagers. I feel old.




The Title ‘The Break’ instantly put me in mind of friends where Ross and Rachel were on a break so only downfall is with this book is I have Ross’s voice “We were on a break” screeching in my mind every time I read it. While Friends was humorous Marian Keyes delves deeper and unravels the reasons, emotions and consequences of having a break.


The Break

Hugh, Amy’s husband, drops the bombshell he is leaving for 6 months to travel and experience life on his own, after the death of his father.  He will act as if he was single  but he loves her and will be back. Amy with her complicated family arrangement feels she has no choice but agree. The old adage “if you love them let them go” springs to mind.

As common with her book, there is large set of characters with Amy’s sisters and adorable mother that will make you smile to balance out the heart ache of The Break. It is a good, honest read that explores the emotions of long term relationships, love, romance and getting older. Marian Keyes excels at showing nothing in life is as black and white as it seems at first glance and this book is no exception. If you are over 30 you will find yourself nodding in places and if you are younger  – read and learn.




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