Book Review: Million Love Songs by Carole Matthews

With a title of a Million Love Songs, you don’t have to read the blurb of Carole Matthew‘s latest release to know you need to put the radio on and sing along to Gary Barlow as you read this book.

Million Love Songs cover

Million Love Songs Cover

Title: Million Love Songs

Author: Carole Matthews

Publisher: Sphere

Release Date: 22nd March 2018


Feel-good and full of emotion, Carole Matthews will make your heart sing with this glorious read.

After splitting up with her cheating husband, Ruby Brown is ready for a change. She’s single for the first time in years and she’s going to dive into this brave new world with a smile on her face and a spring in her step. The last thing she’s looking for is a serious relationship.
Mason represents everything Ruby wants right now: he’s charming, smooth and perfect for some no-strings-attached fun. Joe, on the other hand, is kind and attractive, but comes with the sort of baggage Ruby wants to avoid: an annoyingly attractive ex-wife and two teenage children.

Ruby thinks she knows what she wants, is it what she needs to be truly happy? It’s about to get emotional in Million Love Songs.

My thoughts

Million Love Songs is a perfect book for Take That fans or Thatters as they are called or those who enjoy a good sing to their music. It is littered with references to the band and they would understand the appeal of a cut out of Gary Barlow.

Ruby Brown is a recent divorcee finding her feet in the new world of singledom, dates, and independence. She is helped by her best friend TT fangirl, Charlie. I enjoyed the story from one of my fave authors but I struggled to connect with Ruby unlike the main characters in her other books. I found Charlie had more depth and interesting backstory making me long for it to be her story instead. Maybe one day Carole Matthews will revisit her.

As for the leading men,  while I loved Joe, I shared Charlie’s opinion on Mason. He made my skin crawl from the start.

It is enjoyable though it had a different feel to her other books and Carole Matthews talent pulled it off where other authors may not have been able to but I doubt it will be one I revisit again and again, unlike many of her other books.

Would I recommend?

Yes, if you love Take That or want an enjoyable light-hearted read.

Thank you, NetGalley and Sphere for an advanced copy in exchange for an honest review.

Have you read it?  Let me know your thoughts below.


Happy reading!

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