Book Review: The Lost Children by Helen Phifer

Book Review: The Lost Children or Dark House by Helen Phifer

The first book I have finished this month, September is a complete contrast to the last book I read in August. From a heart felt romance, I Give You My Heart I have skipped to a cold blooded murder mystery The Lost Children by Helen Phifer. Confusingly it has been republished under the new name of Dark House.

I found this on the shelf at the library; the dark ominous cover and corresponding creepy blurb called to me demanding to be read.

The Lost Children by Helen Phifer

The Lost Children book cover

Title: The Lost Children

Author: Helen Phifer

Publisher: Bookoutre

Genre: Crime, Thriller


A shadowy figure in the dark was dragging something heavy behind them. Lizzy pulled the covers over her head, then realised what was being dragged. She rammed a fist into her mouth to stop herself from screaming…

For years, the Moore Asylum housed the forgotten children of Brooklyn Bay. But now, a man is found brutally murdered in the derelict building, strapped to a steel trolley, launching a terrifying investigation for Detective Lucy Harwin.

Lucy quickly discovers the victim was once a Moore Asylum doctor, and when a woman also linked to the home is found murdered on her doorstep, Lucy knows she must dig into its history. What dark secrets lie within the asylum’s walls – what was the scandal leading to its closure thirty years ago?

With her own demons to fight, Lucy starts to uncover the shocking tale of the Moore Asylum children, and begins to wonder: who will be the next victim?

Just as Lucy thinks she’s closing in, a disturbing clue makes her suspect the killer is watching her every move. Can she catch this twisted individual before another life is lost, or will they get to her first?

A terrifying serial killer thriller that will chill readers of MJ Arlidge, Angela Marsons and Rachel Abbott to the bone.

My Thoughts

The discovery of a body in the old asylum set the tone of this book and I was instantly hooked. DI Lucy Harwin was introduced and she was refreshingly not the badass loner detective with a tragic upbringing I have come to expect but a struggling stressed mum of a troublesome teenager. This made her instantly relatable. She has depth and a back story which I am sure will be revealed in future books as well as a the possibility of discovering more of her dating exploits.

The novel is gruesome without being gory and the pace is just right for it to be page turner urging you forward into the criminal investigation with its unexpected twists and turns. The case is creepy and dark; perfect for a thriller hit to read autumnal or winter evenings.

Would I recommend?

Oh yes. As it says it would attract fans of MJ Arlidge and Sharon Bolton.

I have already ordered the next one of the series, Dying Breath and can’t wait to read it.

Discover more about the author on her website

Twitter @helenphifer1

Facebook @Helenphifer1

Have you read this series? Let me know what you think in the comments below.

Happy reading!

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