The Journey as a Flamingo Paperie Trader begins

Welcome to From Under the Duvet. A place to share my love of stationery, greeting cards, books and snippets of life.

This is the beginning of a journey. While I have been blogging about books for a while on Duvet Dweller Books becoming a Flamingo Paperie Partner is a new venture and experience. I used to be an avid fan of The Phoenix Trading Company especially at Christmas for their advent calendars so I was shocked when I heard the news they were no more. Luckily, I discovered instead of the traditional phoenix rising from the ashes, a pink flamingo arrived. Flamingo Paperie was born.

The arrival of Flamingo Paperie

The beauty and quality of these British made cards and the ability to run a flexible, small business from home, under the duvet tempted me to sign up as a partner. As someone who spends too much time in bed due to chronic illness it seemed an ideal solution. Starting a business is scary at the best of times, fitting one around medication, chronic fatigue and illness is daunting but a friend gave me this:

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton


Let the journey begin

So join me on my journey into working from home, browse the what Flamingo Paperie has to offer and share some good books.


Katie signature pink


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