Book Review: The Firebird Inheritance by Steven Turner Bone

It is Indie Author Week here in the UK so I am pleased to share my review for The Firebird Inheritance by Steven Turner-Bone,  a local independent author in East Yorkshire. I have always been fascinated with  the fall of the Russian family and the controversy around Anastasia’s death so this blurb caught my attention. Scroll down to see my thoughts.

Book Review: The Firebird Inheritance by Steven Turner-Bone

Firebird Inheritance

The Firebird Inheritance by Steven Turner-Bone

Title: The Firebird Inheritance

Author:  Steven Turner-Bone

Publisher: Independent

Genre: Historical Fiction

Release date: 6th June 2019


The Russian Revolution is over. Tsar Nichols II and his immediate family are dead. Stalin holds the Soviet Union in an iron grip.
Anna Moreau sits in her Paris flat reading an article in the newspaper about the death of another wealthy French businessman when there is a knock on the door. An old man gives her a plain package, with the instructions to read its contents carefully, and then to leave Paris and to go into hiding as soon as possible.
Shocked by what she discovers in the package, Anna remembers the words repeatedly given to her by her adopted mother before she died.
‘If you find yourself alone and in need of help, go to England, and seek the assistance of Jason Parva.’
Anna runs for her life to the one person of whom her mother had told her so much, the English fighter pilot, whom she had nursed back to health after he was shot down during the Great War. Anna and Jason have no option but to go on the run with the Russian Secret Police hot on their trail.

My Thoughts

I previously reviewed Farewell to a Friend from the Mathew Fletcher series last year. It was based in the English Civil war, but this novel is a standalone and completely different in topic and style. The jump to the 1920s, an era I am more familiar, helped me slip into the story with ease and enjoy this post First World War adventure with plenty of spies, charm and stunning British countryside.

Injured Jason Parva returned from Kenya to his home, a village in East Yorkshire. This location is one I know well and I can say the detailed descriptions are accurate and they made me feel like I had travelled back in time. As always, reading about a familiar setting adds an extra dimension and depth to the story.

The true adventure begins when Jason meets Anna and they need to protect the Russian jewel. The cast of characters, tension and plot reminded me of  Agatha Christie’s work. I enjoyed the thrill of their journey throughout Britain in fear of their lives and watch their relationship evolve.

The conclusion was dramatic and full at action.

Would I recommend?

This is a genre I rarely read, but I loved this espionage adventure and would recommend it for fans of historical adventures and mystery.

Author Biography:

Me with books (2)

Steven Turner-Bone

Steven was born in Hull many years ago, and always loved history and stories. After having successful career in catering and IT he met his wife, Sue and started a family. Sue’s career as a computer programmer blossomed and it very quickly led to him staying home to look after the children whilst she hit the jet-set life of flying around Europe on work-related matters. He took on short term jobs whilst the kids were at school.

The family were close, so when it came to finding a hobby for them all fate came knocking, and they joined a 17th century historical re-enactment group. It added enormously to his knowledge of history, as well as them all being able to visit castles, stately homes and historical sites free of charge. It even led to him appearing as an extra in many television programmes and one film.

After being made redundant from the Probation Service as an admin clerk, and reading a novel on the English Civil War, he happened to make a comment to Sue about how poor the story was in the book.

‘Then you write one,’ came the reply. So he did, and it sold, and it kept selling, so he wrote book two, and book three, and book four, and now he is currently writing book five. Steven believes he has found what he was destined to do with his life and he loves it.

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Thank you Steven Turner-Bone for a copy of your book so I could give my honest and unbiased review.


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