Book Review: Things You Can’t Ask Yer Mum by Lizzie Hadfield and Lindsey Holland

It’s Solstice so I hope you all have a wonderful, sunny day. Today, I’m excited to share my review for a different type of book to my usual genre, Things You Can’t Ask Yer Mum by Lizzie Hadfield and Lindsay Holland.

Book Review: Things You Can’t Ask Yer Mum by Lizzie Hadfield and Lindsey Holland

Book Cover: Things You Can’t Ask Yer Mum by Lizzie Hadfield and Lindsey Holland

Title: Things You Can’t Ask Yer Mum

Author: Lizzie Hadfield and Lindsey Holland

Publisher: Kyle Books

Genre: Non-fiction, Self-help

Release date: 27th May 2021


Things You Can’t Ask Yer Mum embodies what Lindsey and Lizzy have had throughout their
friendship: the ability to honestly pass on their own experiences in life in order to help the other.
This book is the non-judgmental, no-conversation-is-off-limits, supportive best friend we all need
in our lives, covering everything from surviving loss, to toxic friendships, to dating in
a social media world.

Falling in love.
Falling out of love.
Disastrous sex anecdotes.

It is filled with everything you don’t want to ask your mum.

My Thoughts

I loved this book for many reasons. The main one is the warmth of the duo’s friendship leaps off the page and it’s like having good friends over for a chat. The advice they give is solid, and it reminded me how important female friendships are, whatever your age. I’m lucky to have found some wonderful friends that keep me going, but I was impressed with the chapter devoted to friendship, including how to find and keep them. Friendships are a minefield that can be harder to deal with the older you get. After a couple of chapters, I listened to an episode of their podcast; the humour and naturalness is the same, and it made me laugh out loud, which was much needed. They have captured their personalities and love within these pages well.

The format works well, with a mixture of memories, flowcharts, questionnaires and tips on different topics and then each author offering separate advice. This gives a rounded view, and I loved seeing the differences in their answers. The chapter titled grief dealt with the topic head on and was much needed with the recent Father’s day. With sensitive advice and just knowing others still feel loss years later, made the day easier to cope with.

Would I recommend?

Yes. Beneath the unassuming cover is an honest, humorous, but sometimes raw book that makes you feel you have two sisters near you, whatever your age. I’m probably closer to the authors’ Mum’s age, yet there is still plenty I could take away from reading this. I would love to buy a copy for those in their early twenties so they have a copy on their bookcase for whenever they need some big sister advice.

As a child, I had an advice book, Dear Judy by Judy Blume, which I often referred to in times of strife. This is the same; it is a welcome, comforting addition to my bookshelf to be looked at again and again. I would love to see an updated one in a few years’ time, after they have tackled other life experiences.

Author Biography

Lizzie Hadfield and Lindsey Holland

Lindsey Holland and Lizzy Hadfield, friends for over eight years, founded Things You Can’t Ask Yer Mum in 2018, the chart topping podcast offering real life experience and anecdotes on heartbreak, grief, falling in love, friendships and sex.

Originally from Stockport, Lindsey Holland (right) relocated to London in 2015 to pursue a career as an elderly care physiotherapist within the NHS, curating content for her ‘Ropes of Holland/Lindsey Holland’ channels as a creative outlet. Now a full time focus, Lindsey’s natural Northern warmth and honest humour translate into her carefully curated content, adding personality and engaging her loyal following, contributing to her popularity and success in such a competitive landscape. An incredible eye for an outfit, Lindsey documents her daily sartorial choices through beautifully shot, authentic imagery. Whilst fashion is a primary focus, she is also passionate about travel, interiors, beauty and more profound topics such as mental health and relationships.

Lizzy Hadfield, of Shot From The Street, is one of the fashion industry’s leading influencers, known for her cool, effortless style. Named one of The Sunday Times Style’s Top 100 Influencers and in FARFETCH’s ‘ten most influential people in Europe’, what sets Lizzy apart from her peers is the community spirit she evokes amongst her followers, encouraging conversation and transparency. As such Lizzy has garnered a devoted following. With a combined reach of over 1 million, Lizzy and Lindsey have fostered a global audience who look to them for advice on fashion to friendship and beauty to breakups.

Social Media


Twitter: @lindseydholland



Podcast: Spotify

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Thank you Random Things Tour for inviting me to this tour and the advanced copy for read so I could give my honest and unbiased opinion.

Happy reading!


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