Book Review: The Daughter’s Choice by S.D Robertson

Book Review: The Daughter’s Choice by S.D Robertson

The Daughter’s Choice by S.D Robertson

Title: The Daughter’s Choice

Author: S.D Robertson

Publisher: Avon

Genre: General fiction, woman’s fiction

Release Date: 30th Sept 2021



Is her whole life built on a lie?

Rose has always been close to her father. Her mother died soon after she was born, so it’s been just the two of them for as long as she can remember.

But a chance encounter days before she’s due to get married leaves Rose questioning everything she has ever known.

The man she trusts most in the world has been keeping a secret from her.

And the truth will leave her with an impossible choice…

My Thoughts

Rose is on a pampering weekend before her wedding to her childhood sweetheart when she befriends a stranger, Cassie. While Rose believes this is a spontaneous meeting and appreciates the fledgling friendship, Cassie and the reader know differently, giving this story the tension needed to keep my attention and desire to keep turning the page. Without the endless questions in my mind of Cassie’s motive and clue searching, it would have been easy to pass the beginning of this novel which focuses on Rose’s life as something I had read before where a girl has a close relationship with her father and is set to marry. But that insight and the anticipation of Rose’s life imploding made this story different and highly readable.

In contrast to Rose’s tale, Cassie’s life was full of adventure, freedom and secrets. I became immersed in her world despite not trusting her narration. Her recollections of places she’d visited and S. D Robertson’s ability to draw me in to these locations made me love the globetrotting experience and added extra places on my must-see places wishlist.

When secrets were revealed and further twists ensued, family loyalty was put under pressure and choices needed to be made. I enjoyed seeing all aspects of the truth and the satisfying conclusion.

Would I recommend?

This is the first book by S.D Robertson and am tempted to add his back catalogue to my TBR list based on the strength of this read. It’s an emotional, and intriguing novel that shows the depth of relationships in families and the consequences of decisions made. If you love family dramas with tension and twists, this is one to try.

Author Biography

Photo of S.D Robertson
S.D Robertson

Thank you Rachel’s Random Resources for inviting me to this tour and providing an advanced copy for me to review and give my honest and unbiased opinion.


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