I am a duvet dweller; I spend far too long living under blankets because of chronic illness. Luckily, books exist so from my bed I can travel to many places, meet different people and experiences many lifetimes.

I love books, snuggly socks, dragons and lots of cups of tea.

This blog is all about books I have read and love. I will not post about books I hate so there will be no books here that I would rate under 3 stars. Sorry, Mr. Tom Hanks.  Life is too short to read crap books. Gone are the days of reading a book to the end whatever. If I am given an advanced copy to read and I don’t like it, I will not review. I want this blog to be a happy place with books I would recommend with honest reviews. I don’t give star rating here but do on Amazon and Goodreads.  Star ratings can be good for a quick reference but each format has a different meaning for them. This makes them difficult to pin down. Also, a 5-star romance cannot be compared with a 5-star thriller. Each genre has different expectations and requirements to be a good read.  I love all genres especially paranormal, psychological thrillers, contemporary and women’s fiction, romance and some historical.  The highest acclaim a book should have is the place on a forever shelf where it is returned to often and shared with friends.