Themes for 2016


Something New or New Beginnings!
New Year, new start – books about starting over, new chapter of life, resolutions, etc.



This is the month of love, so let’s take this chance to read more about self care, our bodies, mind or conditions.

This book can be any book that you are interested in about self care, your illness, positive thinking or alternative therapies that interest you in making your life a bit better.


Childhood classic.

Its World book day this month, and we thought we could revisit our childhoods and enjoy a classic story written from when we were little. Maybe it will be a book that you never got to read when you were little, one you used to read over and over or a new children’s story that has caught your eye.


Biography or Memoir.

Enjoy reading one of the many books that have been written reflecting somebody else’s story of their life, a journey or epic tale.


A book Title with a Colour in it.

Something a bit different to try, choosing a book with a colour in it! 


Read Something You Already Own.

We can all be guilty of buying lots of lovely books, and then some of them end up just sitting on your shelf and never getting read. So this month enjoy one book that you already own on your shelf that you have not read or have wanted to reread. 


Learn a New Skill/Something New.

Have you wanted to try reading something new or learning a new skill? You can start to explore it through a book this month of your choice.


Short and Sweet!

There are lots of great books out there that are short, but still great classic reads. Why not try challenging yourself this month to see how many short stories you can read.



Lets transport ourselves to another magical realm or place this month, with a book that is magical, filled with adventure, fairies, magical powers and mythical creatures. 


Weird! Try something different!
Pick something you wouldn’t usually read – a unusual title, an odd plot – one of those books hidden in the end of the library!


Beautiful Covers.

Each book has a different cover, to entice us and help us feel drawn to read it. This month, let’s choose a book by its cover that stands out on the shelf or online and see if the cover is as good as the story inside.



It’s that magical time of the year again as we celebrate Christmas. This month we are delving into the realms of myths, legends and folklore to capture some of that magic.