Themes for 2017

January                  Book vs Movie
Choose a book which Hollywood used as inspiration or a book based on a movie. Which will be better – the book or the film?
February                Unique cultural ways of life.
There are many different cultures. Choose a book based on a different culture to your own or explore your own deeper.
March                     It is Springtime!
Let’s enjoy the flowers and choose a book with a floral title or theme.
April                       Children’s books
Children’s book are not just for childhood so let’s have fun and revisit some of our old favourites or discover something new.
May                          Classics
Dust off your classic books. What will you choose?
June                        Harry Potter and other series
It is 20 years since Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s stone arrived. Let’s celebrate by enjoying the magic.
This month we also celebrate other favourite series.
July                         Listen to the music
Choose a book with music as it’s theme or a musical link in its title.
August                  Time to catch up
Choose a book from your to read pile
September           Fairy Tales and Poetry
Let’s celebrate some of the oldest stories passed down the generations – fairy tales and in honour of National Poetry Day on 28th September we are also exploring the world of poetry.
October                  Spooky
Time to read books that keep you up all night or sleep with the light on.
November             Consult your bucket list
Choose a book about something you have always wanted to do or go.
December               Christmas
Let’s indulge in all things Christmas.
We hope you join in and enjoy x

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